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In Union provides working people with monthly newsletters and information online about the issues facing working people across the country.


Some days, it seems damn near impossible to separate fact from fiction. And if we can’t get a real sense of what’s going on in our country, it’s tough to protect our families, educate our kids, or even make an honest living. So we started In Union to cut through the noise and provide a reliable source for people who want real news about the issues affecting our day-to-day lives—jobs and the economy, schools and education, health care, and so much more.


The past eighteen months have been extremely difficult for all of us. But we are proving our resilience. And we know that when working people come together, armed with truth instead of misinformation, we can make our voices heard and win for our families. We hope that you find In Union helpful, informative, nonpartisan, and fair. As we get rolling, we’d love to hear

from you! To provide feedback, ask questions, or give us ideas for content you want to see or issues you wanted covered, use our form below!

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In Union is a project supported by a group of unions. It provides you with readily available research on issues that affect working people's lives, examines the records of elected officials on those issues, and helps hold the elected officials accountable. It is not affiliated with, does not take contributions from, and does not make contributions to any candidates or political parties.


Fill out In Union’s Priorities Survey to let us know what information you’d like to hear from us.

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