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Workers at The Meadows in Centre County will have to wait for unionization results

Workers at the Meadows Psychiatric Center in Centre County cast their votes on a union petition Wednesday and Thursday. But the votes will not be counted until a dispute over whose votes should count is resolved.

Five former employees, who were fired after a petition to unionize started at the psychiatric hospital, were allowed to vote on Wednesday, but the hospital is contesting their votes.

Two of those former employees, Tami Kraynak and Dawn Taylor, started the petition as nurses. They told WPSU that safety of staff and patients at The Meadows became a major concern, which they wanted to address through a union.

The Service Employees International Union, which is representing supporters of a union at The Meadows, said those votes should count.

Union representatives said the National Labor Relations Board approved the hospital’s request to impound the votes in an undisclosed location for 60 days. Votes will be counted on the 60th day from May 5 or when the disputes are resolved.

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