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Union members and Erie Democrats call out candidate Dave McCormick

(WJET/WFXP/ — Erie County Democrats and union members spoke about their opposition of the candidacy of Republican Dave McCormick.

During an event at the United Steelworkers Union building, speakers pointed to the differences between the GOP Senate candidate’s words and actions when it came to Pennsylvania workers.

They say McCormick has profited from free trade globalization through the outsourcing of Pennsylvania jobs to China, when he was CEO of the company.

Now, they say his TV advertisements have painted a different picture, with him as an advocate for working families.

“McCormick has argued that the benefits of free trade outweighs the downside of displacing American workers. Does that sound pro-worker to you guys? I didn’t think so,” said Bryan Pietrzak, U.E. Local 506 Trustee.

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