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Readers React: Unions would suffer under a second Trump term

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As a heavy equipment operator for decades, I’m looking to Election Day with dread about what a Trump victory would mean for labor in America.

When I saw the Republican National Convention open with Rebecca Friedrichs trashing unions, I saw everything I needed to know about how Trump and the Republicans see the working men and women of America. We get lip service about the “forgotten” working class, but then the GOP backs “right-to-work” laws and tries to gut union funding, taking away our best shot at standing up against powerful corporations.

Laborers aren’t better off now than they were four years ago. Trump is for one group of individuals — rich people like him, and that’s it.

I vote in every election and I pay attention to the news. I’m supporting Joe Biden for president because I’m sick of the way politics have been in Washington the last four years; we need a definite change. We need a real leader to get us through COVID-19 and a devastated economy — not Trump with his name-calling, bickering, and blaming.

Biden’s track record shows he’ll stand up for all Americans and has the character we need in a president.

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