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Community Briefs: Unions donate school supplies to Delco students in need

MIDDLETOWN — Rose Tree Media Educator Unions donated dozens of backpacks, as well as other school supplies to students in need at Delaware County schools. The local RTM Support Staff Union delivered thousands of school supplies to Teacher Teammates headquarters in Folcroft last week, following a month long supply drive titled “100th Day of School Supply Re-Up.” The Supply Drive culminated on the 100th day of School on Feb. 9.

Teachers’ Teammates is a Delaware County-based nonprofit that collects school supplies for classrooms so that teachers do not have to spend money out of their own pocket for school supplies. Founded by Raelyn Harman, the mission of Teacher Teammates is to ensure all K-12 teachers and students in the County have the resources to thrive in their education.

This collection effort was also supported by state Rep. Chris Quinn, R-168 of Middletown. RTMSD is within his district. It was also supported by Delaware County Council and state Sen. Tim Kearny, D-26 of Swarthmore.Kearny’s district also includes RTMSD. These elected officials provided drop-off locations during the supply drive.

The shopping excursions and membership in Teachers’ Teammates are open to all Delaware County educators in schools where 65 percent or more of students are eligible for free or reduced lunch. Membership is open to teachers, coaches, counselors, librarians, nurses, principals, and others in the schools. The organization solicits, collects and distributes items and makes the school supplies available in their online store so teachers can get what they need to help their students thrive in their education.

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