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Changes to SNAP income thresholds will expand eligibility for benefits, Wolf admin says

Pennsylvania will increase the income threshold for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) applicants next month, making the program accessible to more Pennsylvanians, Wolf administration officials said on Thursday.

Beginning on Oct. 1, Pennsylvania will increase the income threshold for SNAP applicants to 200 percent of the Federal Poverty Income Guidelines (FPIG), the Department of Human Services said, adding that “more than 420,000 additional Pennsylvanians in more than 174,000 households will be newly eligible for SNAP” as a result of the change.

“Being able to eat and nourish yourself every day is one of the most essential building blocks to living well and doing everything else in life. It’s easy to take for granted, but for too many people, being able to afford your next meal isn’t a given. SNAP helps to make that possible,” Department of Human Services Executive Deputy Secretary Andrew Barnes said.

“Expanding eligibility for SNAP allows us to extend a reprieve to people who may be struggling so we can help more Pennsylvanians meet this most essential need that literally fuels us to live, work, grow, and thrive,” Barnes said.

The new monthly income thresholds for SNAP eligibility are:

For a one-person household … $2,266

For a two-person household … $3,052

For a three-person household … $3,840

For a four-person household … $4,626

For a five-person household … $5,412

For a six-person household … $6,200

For a seven-person household … $6,986

For an eight-person household … $7,772

For a nine-person household … $8,560

For a 10-person household … $9,348

The change to the income threshold for SNAP benefits comes just a day after lawmakers, educators, and advocates called on the General Assembly to ensure no-cost breakfast and lunch in K-12 schools across the commonwealth.

“We know that thriving families create thriving communities, however, families cannot thrive if they do not have adequate food resources available to them,” Vanessa Philbert, chief executive officer of Community Action Partnership of Lancaster County said Thursday. “Expanding access to nutritious food increases the health of the entire community and enhances prosperity for everyone.”

Applications for SNAP and other public assistance programs can be submitted online, on-site at County Assistance Office for those who cannot access online services, or through the myCOMPASS PA mobile app.

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