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Biden makes campaign stop in Michigan

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Former Vice President Joe Biden was in Michigan on Friday.

He delivered remarks on protecting and expanding access to healthcare for Michiganders.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and Senators Debbie Stabenow and Gary Peters joined Biden in the event to promote a comprehensive plan to build on the Affordable Care Act.

It’s a topic important to Michigan voters. A recent poll showed more than 57 percent say the Supreme Court should leave the Affordable Care Act in place.

“Families are reeling right now. They need a lifeline now. And I promise you, when I’m president, I’ll take care of your health coverage the same way I would my own family,” Biden said.

In Fort Myers, Florida on Friday, President Donald Trump made an appeal to senior citizens.

“Seniors will be first in line for the vaccine and we’ll soon be ending pandemic,” Trump said.

Biden is currently outperforming the president in Florida and Michigan in the polls.

The president is set to visit Michigan for a campaign stop in Muskegon on Saturday. He also has stops planned in Wisconsin and Nevada this weekend.

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