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Are more green jobs headed for Pa?

Green jobs are projected to grow 6.4 percent in Pa. over the next five years, according to a new report

Data collected from WorkingNation, a nonprofit organization focused on the economy, and Emsi Burning Glass, an analytics software company, found that Pennsylvania’s working future could be greener than expected.

With the Biden administration’s $1.2 trillion investment in infrastructure across the country set to come down the metaphorical pipeline, Pennsylvania is set to see a 6.4 percent increase in green jobs, according to the WorkingNation’s Green Jobs Now: Pennsylvania, report, well ahead of the national average of 5.7 percent.

WorkingNation defines “green jobs” in four ways:

Core Green – “These are jobs with a primary responsibility associated with the green economy (e.g. Solar Engineers, Hydroelectric Engineers, Energy Efficiency Specialists, etc.).”

Green Enabled – “These are jobs with primary responsibilities separate or tangential to the green economy, but increasingly require green skills (e.g. HVAC installers working with new, energy efficient cooling systems, the mechanical or industrial engineers building those systems, etc.).”

Green Enabling – “These are jobs that aren’t associated with green tech per se, but they support the green economy by working at firms associated with green tech or innovations (e.g. the marketing manager at a solar panel manufacturer).”

Potential Green Jobs – “These are jobs that may not yet require green skills but could benefit from green skills in the near future. These could be maintenance techs, engineers, or other jobs that are likely to become increasingly green in the coming years and practitioners will benefit from learning these skills today.”

In 2021, Pennsylvania recorded 29,883 green jobs, and openings for 7,000 more, the report found.

Demand for green enabled jobs in – jobs that are not considered green by default but require green skills – is “significant” in Pennsylvania. The report found that there were 4,544 green enabled job openings in the commonwealth in 2021.

The 14-page report includes findings on green job salaries, demand by industry sector, and green skill sets, for those interested in reading more.

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